Monday, June 16, 2008

CamelBak Baby

So this wasn't an outdoor adventure, but my purchase at Out-N-Back a few weeks ago definitely made this little experience possible.

I have an older CamelBak (before the days when you could actually fit your hand through the opening) - and while the reservoir was fine, the tube had turned a very nasty brown color. I finally went into Out-N-Back a couple of weeks ago and purchased an extender tube because it was the same length as the regular replacement tube. The very helpful sales associate (can't remember his name, sorry) told me that I could take off the white extender attachment and then put it on the bladder like a regular tube. I did it when I got home and it has been great to use it!

About a week after I got the tube replacement, my 5 month son got a cold and wasn't nursing or taking a bottle very much. I had a crazy idea to get my CamelBak out and just see if he would suck on that so I could get some liquid in him. That crazy idea worked! My 5 month old baby would drink more water from my CamelBak then he would from a bottle! Of course my husband had to hold it up to let gravity help him pull it down when he sucked it, but it worked! I think he liked chewing on the mouthpiece and getting a drink of water when he did.

I guess we'll have to get him his own CamelBak now.

Yvonne Russel- Proud Mom of a CamelBak user


Canyonsrcool said...

I couldn't comment on the Mystery Canyon post above this one so I am doing it here.

I love the Zion area (Note there is no 's' at the end of Zion). It's not Zion's as in Zion's Bank. Just one Zion.

Great time of year to do it.